Room for Rent near Sunway University: Edumetro Subang Jaya

Are you a student that is looking for a cost saving room for rent near Sunway University or room for rent near Monash University Malaysia? For the majority of students, perhaps this is the first time you’ve ever lived away from home.
Therefore, when looking for room rental, you will definitely want to find a room that feels like home yet affordable, will you not? Well, Edumetro is your right choice!

Why Edumetro Subang Jaya?

edumetro subang jaya

Edumetro consists of five towers of lifestyle suites that rest atop a 3-storey podium. The 5 towers consist of dual-key SOLO (Small Office, Lifestyle Office) suites, meaning that each tower has their own lobby for security and privacy.
A drop-off zone set aside for the new international school is occupying part of the podium. In addition to ensuring safety, it also manages traffic flow.

The retail outlets in the podium provide all the necessary conveniences while another section of the podium hosts a unique and trendy co-working/lifestyle space, catering to KL-ites’ diverse needs.

Impressively, the development itself hosts two schools, SEGI College and the Imperial International School. This development is also positioned nearby other leading institutions, including Sunway University, Taylor’s University, as well as INTI College. So, to find student accommodation near Sunway University and condominium near Monash University Malaysia, Edumetro would be the best choice for you.

Besides, the culmination of all these components makes Edumetro the winner of the StarProperty Awards 2021, The Business Estate Award category.

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Types of Rooms Available in Edumetro Subang Jaya

1. Lakeview Suites

room for rent near sunway university

Lakeview Suites is set in a hub whose lead tenants are two well-known educational institutions, from primary to tertiary levels. A balanced lifestyle is key to a sound health. A student’s life should be healthy and balanced just like being able to work, shop, and be entertained. Furthermore, it sits in a sweet spot in Subang, which is just minutes away from other more established, mature townships of Bandar Sunway, Puchong and Petaling Jaya.

There are 5 types of floor plan for Lakeview Suites:
lakeview suites floor plan
lakeview suites floor plan

2. The New Duo

room for rent near sunway university

The New Duo provides flexible and adaptable spaces for all sorts of projects. This includes: short-term, and long-term office space needs.

The dual-key suites it offers will be flexible enough to cater for a wide range of different generations, and they’ll enable you to reach a whole host of objectives.

There are 4 types of floor plan for The New Duo:
the new duo floor plan
type a3
type b1
type b2

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Attractions Near Sunway University

You’ll never run out of things to do in Bandar Sunway. Head downtown for museums and boutiques or to get that delicious meal! What shall it be? Some delectable supper at the restaurant everyone’s talking about? Maybe you’d like to read the paper while sipping a cup of coffee at one of the cafes around town. Visit the theatre, or just walk through town and watch people pass by.

Why spend hours thinking about what to do in Bandar Sunway? Let the possibilities wash over you as you explore this new city. Get out on foot and explore the area.

Do you hear the wind whispering thoughts in your head? Rent a car and take it out into the wild blue yonder. Explore some smaller towns that are past the border and learn about what made them what they are today.

To relive your childhood, visit a county fair and let the first taste of cotton candy melt in your mouth. If you want some good, old-fashioned fruit preserves, go to a shop deep in the countryside or enjoy the hustle and bustle of an urban city as lost in its organized chaos as you are. Your choices are unlimited—just like the adventures that await.

Here are some attractions near Sunway University that you can check it out:

1. Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

room for rent near sunway pyramid

The Sunway Pyramid Mall was established in 1997 and is one of the most popular malls in PJ with plenty of shops and entertainment. It’s easy to reach, right there in Bandar Sunway!

If you are looking for a shopping experience unlike any other, it is worth visiting this mall. The complex includes an Egyptian pyramid and the entrance has a lion statue. There are over 1000 retail outlets in the mall.

If you are a student who is finding room for rent near Sunway University, Sunway Pyramid would be a great place for you to shop as you can find literally everything here.

2. Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

room for rent near sunway lagoon
Sunway Lagoon has something for everyone – from the thrill seekers to the family who wants a bit of play time. It’s ideal for when you need a break from life, and it will be one you won’t regret as they have welcomed 2 million visitors annually.

Sunway Lagoon offers you not only a water theme park, but also many other amenities near it. For example, you can find hotels, universities and colleges (Sunway University, Monash University Malaysia), a medical centre and even the famous Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.

This 80-acre theme park has one of the world’s largest man-made surfing beaches and also sports the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge. There are over 30 wet/dry rides in this popular family attraction. Helicopter tours, Safari tours, and boat cruises are also available at this park.

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