Retail Outlets At Edumetro Designed For F&B Outlets To Thrive

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Trey had always dreamed of operating a bistro of his own, having graduated with a degree in culinary arts. Having accumulated a few years of experience working in commercial kitchens, the young entrepreneur felt he was ready to take up the challenge of going solo.

With his family’s blessings, he started looking for a place to set up a restaurant specialising in big western-style breakfasts and brunches. From hand-rolled sausages to big chicken chop platters, Trey plans to draw extensively from his years working in a Hainanese eatery, serving Malaysia-style colonial favourites.

He knew the location of his new venture had to be spot on as he had no previous rep to attract customers. What he needed was a steady footfall of patrons with big appetites and a willingness to pay for good food.

A real estate agent friend suggested that Trey check out edumetro, a thriving integrated development in the heart of Subang Jaya. Located in USJ1, the development was formerly an ailing project known as Remix 2 but was rescued and rebranded by HCK Capital Group (HCK).

Since the takeover, Trey noted that HCK had successfully delivered vacant possession of a large number of units to purchasers who had been left in the lurch by the previous developer. This filled the young chef with confidence knowing that the current developer would fulfil its promise of delivering completed units promptly.

Further investigations revealed that SEGi College would be opening its new campus at edumetro. This was the clincher for Trey as he knew that young students usually had voracious appetites and would love his large portions. He also knew that the well-to-do local demographic alongside the student population was exactly the clientele his business needed to thrive.

Trey was also intrigued to know that a number of mampu milik units were available. He was sold on edumetro’s viability when he found out that selected units would be equipped with the necessary facilities to run a restaurant. This would represent huge savings for his budding business.

It did not take long for Trey to find the ideal unit and he has begun plans for his grand launch.

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