Why Vertical Mix Developments Are The Coolest

Being Malaysians, many of us still have the mentality that landed houses are superior.

But they do not realise that such developments take up more of the environment besides being costlier. High-rise projects are certainly the answer to these woes, but to take it to the next level, let’s bring in the vertical mix developments.

Sustainable living

Green buildings are not always about having trees and leaves sticking out of them. Carbon emission is reduced when the shopping mall, residence and office are all lined up in a vertical building.

We no longer need to drive to point A to get a haircut and point B for a cup of coffee. Face it, fewer cars on the road also equals fewer traffic jams and more petrol savings. The oil tycoons will not like this!

Social and economic enrichment

When your home and office are in the same building, you really are living a life of convenience. Those snobs in landed homes can never speak of such privileges.

Further on, foot traffic is by default higher when the residential and commercial components are merged, further enriching businesses. The best part is that mixed developments are grandpa, and grandma approved.

Why so? The convenience of mixed developments makes them the ideal home for the elderly who are unable to move properly.

edumetro sets the bar for mixed development

But the truth is, mixed developments consisting of said elements are so yesterday. edumetro @ Subang Jaya stands out with its unique DNA of having an educational institution as part of its core component.

This is no other than the newly revamped SEGi college, which has the capacity of serving over 4,500 students.

Above it lies the privacy of the smart homes and dual key suites, presenting a harmony of comfort and convenience. These preside upon a podium that hosts 36 retail outlets at ground level, further complemented by the trendy co-working spaces.

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