Retail Options At edumetro Is Perfect For F&B Businesses

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Andy had just graduated from his culinary arts programme and was keen to put his skills to the test. He was, however, not keen on sweating away as an apprentice at someone else’s business, no matter how essential such experiences some claim them to be.

Instead, he took inspiration from other successful F&B outlets that were started by groups of fresh graduates. He had set his mind on doing the same and convinced his brother, Edward, an MBA graduate, to join him and put his business knowledge to good use.

Edward for his part was also looking to venture into his own business and a sibling-owned F&B outlet seemed like a great idea. Armed with a small business loan, greatly facilitated by having their parents as guarantors, the brothers went in search of a suitable location.

They had seen how the large student population in Subang Jaya had contributed to many FnB success stories, especially in the SS15 locale. They were looking to set up a café to cater to this hip and trendy demographic, which had a sizable spending power.

Hearing their requirements, their real estate agent recommended Andy and Edward to check out Retail@edumetro, located in USJ1 of Subang Jaya.

Their interest was heightened when they were informed that major franchises such as Coffee Bean, Tea Leaf, KK Mart and 7-Eleven had already signed contracts to move into edumetro. This clearly signalled the potential of the area.

The clincher was when they were informed that selected Retail units would be fitted with the necessary contraptions such as exhaust systems and the relevant kitchen requirements to comply with municipal regulations.

Realising this would represent major savings in their set-up cost, the siblings signed up to occupy a Retail@edumetro unit. With the premises sorted, Andy and Edward began planning their next move on how best to attract the area’s well-heeled clientele. For more information on edumetro, please go to: